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Re: Canon Powershot G1 X suggestion

Tom Z wrote:

The exposure seems to be off. The first one is way underexposed and the others are under or over exposed. What mode did you use? I almost always start out with P(rogram) mode. It allows flexibility while allowing you to let the camera do most of the work.

I agree. P does a good job, and also you can turn the EC ring just under the mode dial on top of the camera, and actually see the exposure change on the LCD.

FWIW, if you need to bump up shutter speed (due to moving subject) or change aperture while in P mode, you can press the AE Lock * button, and it brings up "Program Shift" (footnote on manual p.97 under AE Lock), where you can make changes to either TV or AV and the camera will adjust the other accordingly. I use that quite a bit when I'm in P mode and want to shoot a moving subject.

IMHO, it is a shame that Canon doesn't list "Program Shift" in the manual index on the G1X and other G cameras, as well as the SX40, because it is a really useful tool.

Keep using the camera. Once you get to know a camera, you can get some nice pictures out of it.

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