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simontramper wrote:

samsung NX200 20-50.Can some one help me by telling me what caused the pink X in the picture .Oh and i hope you like them .

This reminds me of a real stir among evangelical christians when they saw a reflection of some light sources in a news video taken at Egypt riots. In that case there were a reflection of a burning, well, something, and it was figured to look like the pale horse of the apocalypse, riding across the scene when the video camera panned. In that case no one could really (for certain) know what light source caused the reflection, as it was not in the video.

I think the cross here doesn't mean the end of the world (not yet), but a complicated reflection of either three light sources, or one light source that has been split inside the complicated lens/filter combination used. The cross is formed from the edges (border) of the reflection of each light source, as seen a little more pale reflection above and right of the more comples reflections forming the cross.

To be certain it would need a repeat of the situation, pan the camera around, each side and up and down, see the whole scene (as the reflections could come from sources not in the pic) and with the movements of the reflections try to figure which light sources are causing them.

But I could be wrong, and this is the REAL thing.


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