Can anybody help me with this Nikon Capture registration issue...?

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Ben Herrmann
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Can anybody help me with this Nikon Capture registration issue...?

Hello all:

This particular scenario has now become quite irritating - to say the least - and Nikon support has been no help to me whatsoever.

OK - here goes.

1. I've had Nikon Capture since it first came out. I eventually purchased a Capture NX 1 disc. Then when NX 2 was released, . I purchased an upgrade disc, which required that I now not only have to enter the NX Version 2 registration number, but then it also asks that you input the NX Version 1 registration key number.

2. Well, there have been no problems up until now. Two weeks ago my Windows 7, 64 Bit system crashed and I had to reformat and reload over 100 gigs of programs.

3. When it came time to reinstall the Nikon Capture 2 NX disc, I entered my version 2 info - but then it asked me for my NX version 1 info. So I looked for my older Version 1 disc and could not find it it at all. I've looked everywhere, but it's apparently lost - so now I'm screwed. I know I didn't intentionally throw it away - but that does me no good now as I'm unable to use my NX 2 program at all.

4. OK - so I then call Nikon support and they couldn't help me, but the young lady I talked with reluctantly said she'd contact somebody who might be able to help. Well, 5 days later, I get a generic Nikon Support email, asking me to explain, "why I was having difficulties entering my codes into Nikon Control..." Sigh, I about died when I read this. In that email they provided a Nikon Support link to where I should go to fill out the form. I then decided to go there so I could explain that it was Nikon Capture - not Nikon Control.

5. So I tried to go to that link and it asks you to sign in to your account. I have an account and I typed in all of my information - all to no available. It didn't recognize me at all - no matter what I inputted. Then I hit the link that says "forgot your login" and when I tried to type that in, it tells me that there is an email address on file (the same as mine). No matter what I did, I could not log in - so I'm now screwed. And I never received an email from Nikon giving me my login (which I knew anyway). So it's obvious to me, that Nikon support is worthless in this regard.

So after all of that, my question is, "how can I get a Nikon Capture 1 NX registration number," so I can continue using Capture 2 NX?



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