X 1pro vs. Nex 7 - comes down to one button

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Fuji X Pro 1 first impressions from a Nex7 owner

I had a chance to play with a X Pro 1 in a local branch of Jessops for the first time. I've had a Nex7 since the end of last year and before that a D700 for several years. I switched to a compact system in order to carry my camera around more and use it more.

I find the XPro1 is pretty easy to use. The dials for shutter/aperture and focus type are all readily at hand. The camera was way bigger than I pictured it to be. It's bigger than my brother's X100 and my Nex7. I was able to navigate around the camera with no instructions and found the Q button great for changing various settings quickly. I also like the way the auto ISO function is implemented in that you can choose from a number of upper limits.

The display model had the 35mm mounted. It's a very good lens, although I did stop down to f2/f2.8 to get what I felt were really pin sharp images. At f1.4, I can't say conclusively as it was probably bad technique (the camera had ani-theft wires all over it) which caused slightly unsharp images. Focusing is noticably slower than the Nex7. Sometimes it was fast, but I guess you have to learn how to get the most out of the focusing system (I'm still learning the Nex7 focusing). I tried single and continuous modes. It seems easier to see when the image is pin sharp in the LCD than with the Sony (XPro1 more accurate?). However, with the Sony focus peaking its not so much of an issue. I didn't bother trying out manual focus, but I hear that this is a pain to use due to the long throw of the lenses. I didn't hear any of the lens clicking issues, but there again I was in a noisy shop. The colours are really nice and the lens is very good and sharp when I did have it stopped down. The camera and lens have a lot of character to them and the Sony does look a bit more 'synthetic' in rendering. The out of camera shots are nice and appear to have less noise than the Sony.

The XPro1 is more of a purist camera than the Nex7 due to the way you shoot with the camera. It's also easy to hand the Nex7 to a non photographer to shoot with. The XPro1 can be a bit overwhelming to the non photographer.

I think if I had the D700 and went straight to the Fuji, it would have been an easier transition than moving to the Nex7. The XPro1 is definitely the more comfortable of the two experiences. With the D700, I shot manually most of the time. With the Nex7, it starts off more automated and you have to peel away the layers to get back to something resembling the D700 style of shooting.

The XPro1 isn't the right camera for me at the moment. It's worth visiting again when they move towards a wider lens range. After years of trying out various lens sets, I've settled on one zoom, one fast 35mm equivalent prime and one macro. The Sony Nex7 covers most of that, the Fuji only covers the macro for me. If the upcoming Sony G-series zoom is any good, then I'll be happy on the Nex system.

I'm writing this from a native lens range perspective as I like to use autofocus as much as possible.

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