1DX sensor v 5DIII sensor?

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Safesphere wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

If you can beleive what some on this forum say (and seem to know) Canon has two sensor lines with the newer having the ability for finer fabrication which results in benefits on certain parameters of IQ. They have to keep both in production so which camera do you think will get sensors from the newer, better fab line?

Which? Could you please spell it out? Sorry, I did not get what you thought would be obvious...

It's not so obvious.
Canon certainly has two lines:
And it looks like they are building a third:


(this is a very questionable decision, IMO, there is overcapacity in fabrication at the moment and many main line semi companies are going fabless).

The original line was I think 350nm design rules, the newer one certainly 180nm (reported in Canon's paper about the 50MP APS-H sensor), the new one will be smaller.

Now this is their problem. Small high definition sensors can only be made on the new line. FF sensors occupy a lot of plant capacity for not many sensors, since there are not many chips per wafer. So. if you have an old line and a new line, the old line has to be used for the FF sensors (and I think in Canon's case the 1100D senor and perhaps the 7D sensor). If you have an FF camera that will sell in not very high volume, you may schedule it on the new line, because it won't take out much small sensor production.

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