Pixel King Wireless Radio I-TTL flash trigger for Nikon

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Re: I'm having inconsistent exposure issued in ettl hs

Yaamon wrote:

In daylight using a 5D II and a 580ex in av mode at iso100 as fill flash I'm having the subjects over exposure issues by .3-1 1/3+ ev that I have to constantly adjust the in camera flash compensation.

Even if I meter the back ground in camera and set camera to manual the subject over exposes while using the flash on the camera works fine.

I have sent pixel a email on Thursday but no response yet.

On static test indoor the exposure is only off by +.3 compared to the camera on flash so I had my in camera flash adjustment set to -.3v but outdoors something is not right?
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Thank you for the feedback!! This is a bit worrisome. I've read that the Phottix Odins are spot on as far as TTL goes but sadly it does not exist in Nikon form yet.

For your issues however, browsing reviews on the Pixel King, I recall seeing that there were some compatibility issues with the First generation Canon ex flashes. Read about a firmware fix but that was it... Don't know if it ever got released or was just a rumor.

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