If Carpenters talked like Camera Enthusiasts

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Re: not even close ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

The problem with his analogies is that you really cannot use a rubber mallet to drive nails at all and a sledge hammer is equally useless for the purpose. These tools share a superficially similar form but do not share a similar purpose.

With cameras, there is sometimes a form factor issue (e.g. if sneaking a camera into a venue, small works and big does not) but all cameras these days can absolutely shoot reasonable images under most of the same circumstances.

Of course, some readers will want to purport the article as some form of clever satire, and there will be lots of references back to it with smug winks for a while going forward.

So it goes ... so it goes ...

I think Stephen06 has a point Kim.

Does it 'really' matter that much to you that an analogy is not quite accurate enough in relation to some point being made. No one is getting hurt or dying here, it's just a bit of humour, and is clearly to be taken lightly. Surely you appreciate that there moments in life where there isn't any necessity for a scientific, analytical approach. This article might be one of them I feel.

In any case, to be totally accurate, some nails with decorative heads may well be better driven with a rubber or rawhide headed mallet, and by the same token, a sledge hammer could be just the tool to drive extremely large nails, or wooden (tree) nails into huge timber structures.

I may not know photography too well, but I do know joinery.

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