German mag Colorfoto reviews the E-M5

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Re: German mag Colorfoto reviews the E-M5

Are these results analyzing the jpegs or the raws ? Those results sounds rather surprising if they were computed frm raws.

If not, was there any report concerning the raw IQ ?

Also, was that the issue of April or that of May ? And s it already available in the stores ? Also, the scores they are using seems rather unusual .. I have looked at their measures for the E-P3, but wasn't able to do much with them.. The E-M5 test isn't yet online.

kermitG9 wrote:

I don't think it's been mentioned in this forum .. so posting a few of their comments:

  • Interestingly, they did catch humming noise and are explaining it by the fact that the new stabilisation which allows 5 axis is because the sensor is "floating" in a magnetic field.. In video mode, the E-M5 switches to the conventional 2 axis stabilisation .. reducing the noise level.

  • Regarding noise - they're measuring very low noise levels (iso 400 VN=0.8, ISO 1600 VN=1.1, ISO 3200 VN=1.1) as a comparison, the GX1 got (iso 400 VN=1.0, ISO 1600 VN=1.2, ISO 3200 VN=1.7).

  • However, when looking at the texture loss, they're measuring a kurtosis of (iso 400 VN=1.3, ISO 1600 VN=1.8, ISO 3200 VN=1.8) .. where as a comparison, the GX1 got (iso 400 VN=0.6, ISO 1600 VN=0.4, ISO 3200 VN=0.6)

In a nutshell.. if you take both result sets into account, the conclusion is indeed that Olympus applies far, far stronger noise reduction vs. the GX1 to achieve "noise-free" pictures.

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