Interchangeability of quick-release plates?

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Re: retire the Velbon

FlossTycoon wrote:

It seems like the quickest way to solve this might be to retire the Velbon or use it exclusively for video cameras and bring back the Benbo with a replacement Giotto head of your choice. Then you can use Giotto quick mount plates on all your equipment.

I don’t want to leave a quick-release plate on my camera, because it’s usually slung round my neck. I carried it with a plate once, and it was very uncomfortable. Also, the tripod mount on my Sigma 150-500mm doubles as a handle for the image-stabilized lens, and so I think I would need to remove a plate from that to hand-hold it securely. So it’s little more than an irritation that the Velbon and Giotto’s plates are not interchangeable.

I will continue to use the Velbon tripod for some things, because it's compact and light to carry, and easy to set up. Fitting its quick-release plate is straightforward, although it grips the camera or lens very poorly (in keeping with its general budget build). However, if I come to use a tripod more regularly, I might look for a quality replacement. Meanwhile, I know I need to take the Benbo for versatility for macro work, and with my new Giotto’s head for a solid pan-and-tilt for telephoto.

My main irritation is the Giotto’s plate. I just want a plate that I can screw straight onto the camera or lens with no alignment problems other than getting it square. As no-one has been able to suggest an alternative plate, I’ve removed the video pin from the Giotto’s (I don't have a video camera, and rarely use video on my D90). I can now mount it along the lens axis, but this would be much easier if I could find an alternative plate with the tripod screw in a simple round hole rather than a slot.

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