Enough with the D800 supply rants

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Re: Enough with the D800 supply rants

mlewan wrote:

I am actually grateful that they release the cameras slowly. Imagine the risk for them making a huge number of cameras which not enough people buy or which has some undiscovered unacceptable hardware issues.

If Nikon, afer so many years in the camera business can't release a product without proper testing (alpha, beta, pre-prod cycles or whatever they internally call these design cycles) then their R&D department must live in the 1950's. They're not coming in with a substantially new design like say, a light field camera, its basically improved features and a new sensor. Not saying its an easy task, but when that's what you do as a company, you have to be confident enough when you release a product, not back into it because you're afraid R&D scr*wed things up. If they can't RISK releasing such a product without trickling it to the market and wait for feedback, I think they're in the wrong business...

In fact, it would be TROUBLING for the D800 not to be ready, considering many of the Pro photographers associated Nikon (Like Joe McNally) have said openly that he camera has been in their hands for over a year and a half and that he camera was ready for release a year ago before the Tsunami changed their plans.

Funny thing is, in the end I'm with you. I don't NEED a D800 and so I can wait. There will be small issues and stuff to improve on so I'll wait this out. Just saying this is, like many Nikon releases, a failed launch as far as manufacturing, distribution and communication goes. Nikon is leaving a lot of money on the table by not being able to keep up the slightest bit with demand.

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