Dissenting opinion: no more MP

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Re: Dissenting opinion: no more MP

cpkuntz wrote:

Can someone explain what 5Dn means? I've seen that thrown around a lot, but I have no idea what it is.

If you are a landscape shooter, you should get a D800. Before these new cameras were released, the 5D Mark II had the most megapixels. If you don't want a D800 or 5D Mark III, and you shoot landscapes and have been shooting landscapes, why upgrade at all? The 5DII is still a good camera. 5D III makes sense for me; I have a lot of Canon lenses and a 7D. Those lenses are all aching for FF (I didn't buy EF-S). For me, 5D III makes sense. I don't understand all the fuss coming from 5D Mark II owners. Their camera is still good. A lot of people who owned the 5D classic didn't upgrade to the 5D Mark II for that reason. Any piece of consumer electronics is often optimized by the third version. I think the 5D Mark III is the culmination of the general use full frame prosumer body. From here, the bodies at this end will be specialized. There will be a video body (the Cinema EOS dSLR), probably a high megapixel body (3D?), and maybe, later, a sports body (the 70D or 7D III; 6D if full frame (there is a rumor of an entry-level full frame coming out)). If the improvements on the 5D III aren't significant, don't upgrade. If the D800 is an exciting opportunity for a landscape shooter, buy the D800 and a Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED.

The 5Dn reference comes from a move that Canon made years ago with a DSLR called a 1Dmk2. They eventually came out with a 1Dmk2n that had some improvements. I'm invested in a lot of L glass, which keeps on getting better and better over the years as the MP's go up. So, there's no reason to move to Nikon. Now medium format would really be it for me, but those camera/lens systems are way out of my price range. But if you shoot low iso, want detail and have the cash, that's the way to go.

Photography, like many other hobbies, persuits and art forms, is first and foremost about having fun and exploring.

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