Pentax Price Increases - Consider this

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Re: Pentax Price Increases - Consider this

I wonder if any one also noticed that 10 yrs ago, gas price here in the US compared to what was in Japan at the time was almost definitely ice 4th... Meaning that the per gallon price here was almost the same was the per Liter price in Japan. Now, per gallon price is more than doubled......

Toyota, Nissan and all the auto people are struggling with their US sale, I heard, I think, have not looked at the actual stats but 8 yrs ago, Nagoya City, the closest large City near Toyota was like BOOMING due to the high sale of TOyota,, most of it was thanks to the sale in the US....but now due to the exchange rate the way it is Toyota is not cheap any more.

I was in japan in feb and Nov... things don't look all that cheat at all there as far as the camera goes. Because of the exchange rate so weak for dollars,,,

So the lens price is probably inevitable? I am surprised that this did not occur sooner.

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