A bird's-eye-view and K-5

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Re: A bird's-eye-view and K-5


Thanks for your kind words.

I am always simply fascinated by the nature but the mother's tenaciousness and endurance in the windy rainy storm was touching!!!

I have so many photos of the male cardinal but I too have never paid much attention to the female. This is one year the female caught my attention. Unfortunately, I have the take a photo through the glass (double glass) window so not to scare her ,, the image is not going to be as clear.. (I can't even polish my window from outside now,,, since the nest is only less than a few feet from this window).

I do hope that the I can also document the growth of the babies....

ernieF wrote:

That's a very nice series of photos documenting that female cardinal and her nest over a period turbulent period of time. I liked the story too. It seems we don't get to see the female cardinal very often as the male's are flashier so more photogenic-- also more visible. Nicely done, and thanks for posting. I hope things work out well for the cardinal.

Cheers. Ernie

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