G1X - Visiting the NASA Deep Space Dish (PICS)

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G1X - Visiting the NASA Deep Space Dish (PICS)
  • All images taken in JPEG

  • All images handheld except for HDR shots.

  • HDR shots taken 'in-camera' using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting.

  • Circular Polarizer mounted on the camera for enhancing Blue Sky shots.

We drove to Canberra, our nation's Capitol City, yesterday. My s95 was on my hip but I was more interested in experimenting with the G1X as I could use filters and more challenging lighting conditions. We were headed to Canberra to visit the National Art Gallery here the Renaissance Paintings exhibition was on display. Whilst photography was not permitted in the exhibition, we were permitted to retain our cameras as long as we didn't use them. They were beautifully lit so I regret that I could not show some of the scenes from within the gallery.

Our friend Simone checks her phone in front of the National Art Gallery. It may be a fairly mundane looking angle but the light was nice and the detail captured is lovely.

Poplar leaves on a tree where I parked my car at the Art Gallery.

G1X in-camera HDR processed image of trees by the side of the road.
Circular Polarizer and tripod were used.

This was my second HDR picture with the G1X using the in-camera processing. You can obtain more control using external software or a more natural look using Photoshop - but the G1X did a fine job.

G1X in-camera HDR with the front end of our vehicle in the shot.
Circular Polarizer and tripod were used.

This is my first HDR picture with the G1X.

Rena and her friends standing around the car, shooting a valley near sundown.
Circular Polarizer and tripod were used.

Rena looked up and noticed that I was taking her photograph... not sure she was too happy with me at the time.

We took a drive through the bush where we photographed Kangaroos on the way to the Deep Space Dish at Tidbinbilla which is used by NASA to communicate with deep space probes. Normally, the public can only get an obscured view of the antenna here but by co-incidence, a friend was working there (something I was completely unaware of until we arrived) and he kindly supplied us with access to the restricted area around the base of the dishes.

G1X in-camera HDR - taken in HDR mode to enhance contrast and detail.

This is a view of the inner side of the main dish. It was communicating with the Dawn Space Probe as we took this photograph and the two NASA technicians visible walking through the shot seemed mortified that they might have ruined the image. They were slightly ghosted with the multiple HDR exposures so I cleaned the image up in post processing.

  • I think I had mistakenly left the ND filter on for this shot.

Small fungus/mushroom growing in the grass at the base of the big dish. Life imitates art, I guess. The NASA guys were amused that I had stopped complaining about being 'unable to capture the big dish in frame' and that I was now sitting on the grass in near-darkness to photograph "a mushroom, or something".

G1X in-camera HDR shot of the dish. This was the last shot that I could take before we had to leave so i think I lucked out with this final photograph It wasn't possible to capture this with the standard exposure methods... because the lights on the rear of the dish tower would wash out detail, or else I'd lose the soft light from the sky. You can see the planet Venus to the right of the picture and there's a slight glow around it due to the thin film of cloud in the night sky.

  • 1/20s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso6400

I've processed this image slightly by running down the noise slightly and altering the levels slightly as well... but at iso 6400, this shot shows moonlight on the clouds as my wife drove us home at the end of the day. Pretty impressive to catch this handheld! You can see it closer/larger here: http://www.pbase.com/image/142533119/original there's a few bugs squished on the window but you can actually read the numbers on the odometer on the car in the photograph. The sun had set four hours earlier so this was very much a lowlight shot in relation to the moonlight on the clouds.

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