What happened to Canon sensor development?

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Resolution the most important factor of an image? You must be kidding

bobn2 wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Why are you confusing resolution for image quality? They are separate things!

Resolution is very definitely a part of image quality. Show most people a higher resolution image, they'll say it is better quality. In fact, I think it's possibly the most important component of image quality. That's why people value sharp lenses so much.

If you think that resolution is the most important factor that determines if a image is worth looking at then you're just obsessed with technology but know very little about photography. In fact your audience doesn't care if it is pin sharp or not if the image is uninteresting, conveys no message, doesn't invoke an emotion or it's just a record shot of something they are not interested in. It is dead easy to take tons of boring, sharp images. Nobody will have a second look at them. Nobody but you cares if they are sharp.

My opinion is that the camera is the least important factor that determines a good image. It is just a recording device. Cameras nowadays are so good, any device will do.

So you are claiming the images of the great masters of photography are not worth looking at because the images were not sharp? Not taken with 20+MP? They didn't use L lenses? There are plenty examples of stunning images that are not sharp anywhere in the image.

A lot of people in this forum get carried away too much about the camera specs and forget what photography is all about. That's the nature of this forum I guess. And therefore no representation of the photography community. I'm interested in the technology as an engineer but know enough of photography to know that most of these specs don't matter much if you don't know how to use them. With that I don't mean that you don't know how your camera works but rather that you have no inspiration, don't know how to put emotion in your images, in short create boring images nobody is interested in.

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