what's missing from my lens line-up?

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Re: what's missing from my lens line-up?

You appear to have DX zoom lenses: Sigma 8-16mm and Nikon 17-55mm. Just ignoring the 105mm Micro, you've covered 8-55mm. Nikon's usual kit is either 18-55mm + 55-200mm or 18-105mm, so you need something to cover the 55-200 range.

I would rent the Nikon 55-300mm lens and see if that could work as an all-round walk about lens.

I sold the 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses that came with my D40 and mainly use Nikon 18-70mm (metal mount, nice construction and I can take over to focus manually). I also have the Nikon 70-180mm Micro zoom for FX but love using it on the D40 (MF only) for product shots.

For portraits I use Nikon 60mm Micro on D40 or Sigma 70mm Macro on FX -- I wish I could afford the 105mm Micro but just can't justify the outlay.

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