Software to create bokeh appearance

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Re: Software to create bokeh appearance

OnOne FocalPoint is realistic,got a nice visual grid to adjust the effect, not so expansive

Topaz Lens got no visible grid and less "effective" than most, not so expansive (i would take FocalPoint instead)

Alien Skin Bokeh is VERY realistic, got a lot of settings and a nice visual grid too...but very expensive too

You can, of course, obtain similar effect in any (even free) software by using blur with mask, or even a simple blurred shape (circle, rectangle...).
But it will be less realistic (like Topaz Lens).

And now my personal trick without post treatment :

for portraits with small sensors (bridge,compact) cameras, you can use the megazoom trick :
go far from the subject and use a lot of zoom
Because changing the aperture on small sensors change barely nothing.

As the Depth Of Field is relative to focal length, more focal mean less DOF.

And so you can take portraits with nice bokeh without any need of post-treatment.

I've done very DSLR-like pictures with this trick
But you need to learn how to freeze the action (posture and settings)
It works even with the cheapest compact camera

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