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Re: D800 GPS solution

Phil Goble wrote:

My Garmin 76cx connected successfully with my D800, but as luck would have it just died before a trip I am getting ready to go on. I like having a portable GPS for trails that I can attach to my camera (although the cabling is a pain). Many of the new Garmin's are NMEA 0183 compatible but the cable I have for the Garmin 76cx won't work with them.

My questions:

1. Is there a USB to serial cable that people have used they know works between Garmin's like the Oregon (not saying that is what I would choose) and the MC-35?

2. Do people have recommendations for units that are good Garmin trail units that can also be connected to a Nikon using the MC-35 adapter. If so, what are they and what cables do you need to go with them?

Thanks. I researched this but it wasn't clear to me what the answer was.

Have you considered doing away with the cables completely by letting a portable GPS record a track of your route?

To get the GPS coordinates embedded in the picture, its simply a case of exporting the track out as a GPX file (via Mapsource?) and then use the "Log Matching" feature in ViewNX2 to write in the GPS coordinates into the images using the exported track.

As long as the date/time in the Camera match the GPS, the coordinates will be accurate.

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