Panasonic aggravation

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Panasonic aggravation

I spent several aggravating hours today trying to contact a customer service representative at Panasonic. In all, I made seven phone calls, was transferred about a dozen times, spoke to about eight different people, and was disconnected in the middle of the call three times.

It all started yesterday afternoon when I went to the Panasonic website and ordered a Lumix GH2 that they are offering at a discount. Everything went smoothly, and I soon received an email from Panasonic confirming my order. The email mentioned that the camera was on "back order" and that the estimated ship date is 4 weeks. I don't mind. I've waited this long ... what's another four weeks? At least I'll have it in time for my family's reunion in the summer.

However, today I received an email from Panasonic, asking me to fax them a copy of my driver's license and credit card. The email said that if Panasonic didn't hear from me in three days, they may cancel my order. What the? In about 17 years of ordering things over the Internet, I've never been asked to do this. But, I know there are tougher security concerns nowadays, so I understand.

Since I don't have access to a fax machine, and was leaving for work in about 20 minutes, I decided to call the customer service phone number listed on the email.

When I called the number, I was greeted with an automated voice, which did not offer me the option to speak to anybody. It just wanted to know if I wanted tech support, wanted to register a product, or wanted to buy something. So I hit "O" for operator, in attempt to speak to somebody. Well, about a half dozen times the person I got did not work in the sales department, and they said "hold on while I transfer you." And they transferred me back to the automated voice, which was absolutely useless to me.

I would like to point out that during three of these calls, I was disconnected either while on hold or speaking to somebody.

After an hour of this aggravation, I had to leave for work. I was already late, so I figured I would call Panasonic back when I got home. But to make a long story short, my second round of calls was similar to the first.

After speaking to another three or four people, and being transferred each time, I finally got to speak to a person named "Mary." She must of heard the exasperation in my voice because she promptly took control of the situation and asked me for my name, account number and order number. She said everything was proper on my order and she couldn't understand why my order was "flagged." Although, she surmised, that some orders are randomly chosen to go through extra security.

Anyway, Mary said my order checked out OK and that she put it through. I thanked her for her help.

I'm posting this so that if any of you have your order "flagged," you'll know what to expect. I'm sure Panasonic can come up with a more efficient way to handle these things.

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