Fuji X-Pro 1 Lens Chatter and Shutter Sounds (Decibel Level Test)

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Re: Fuji X-Pro 1 Lens Chatter and Shutter Sounds (Decibel Level Test)

I have both, but since I only got the body yesterday evening I haven't used it with the 18mm yet. I will give it a run when I get home later today. For all it matters, personally the chatter doesn't bother me, although I wonder about the potential stress on the lenses' moving parts.

Another strange complaint regarding the X-Pro1 was how many people claimed the body was too light. I didn't find it that light and it felt pretty solid to me. I never used a Leica M8 or 9, but maybe I'm a wimp with not much upper body strength compared with some here in this forum. However, I have a Mamiya 645 Pro and a Nikon F4 and those are a real pain in the rear to carry around along with extra backs, lenses, etc. The X-Pro feels just right, as does the X100.

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