X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

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Re: Be cool, but then they couldn't make $ off lens sales

My friend has the Summilux 35 and said he's not sure if it's sharper than the Fuji's. Crazy.

Austin101 wrote:

Well you're wrong because I own leica lenses and bought an xpro1 and the 35 Cron isn't nearly as good on it as the fuji 35mm

JackM wrote:

millsart wrote:

It would be cool if it was a M mount with RF coupling, however, then they wouldn't be able to have their own line of lenses, which at $600+ are surely a money maker, more so than the camera body.

Yes they could. Only existing owners of Leica lenses would not buy Fuji M-mount lenses. Or maybe they would if they didn't already have, say, an 18mm lens. Furthermore, Leica lens owners might buy an M-mount Fuji body as a 2nd. As it is, -zero- Leica lens owners are going to buy this body.

Again, should have been a rangefinder so you could reliably manually focus it.

But it's moot because neither going to happen. You know how I know? Because it makes too much sense.

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