dbreview on the D800 and switching from Canon to Nikon [1/5]

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Reads like an introduction to advanced Digital photography

This is a wonderful post Daniel. Thank you.

There is a lot of interesting info here and in your links. This should be a "must read" for anyone hoping to make intelligent decisions about DSLR purchases.

On a smaller scale (Canon 7D vs. NEX 5N) and without having your ability to articulate complex technical ideas in your very readable manner, I echo from my own personal experience your assesment of the sensor quality differences--especially the often overlooked DR limitation imposed by the Canon sensors' pattern banding.

Processing NEX 5N raw files after a couple of years of trying to make the best out of 7D files in LR, was wonderfully liberating...it's the best way to describe it. All of a sudden sliders in LR I customaraly touched with fear and loathing became just normal parts of my PP workflow. Highlights AND shadows! What a concept

Anyway... bookmarking this for future reference.

Thanks again.

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