Canon 9500 Mk II Matte Papers - Problems - Mirky/Washed Out

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Mark A. Small
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Re: Canon 9500 Mk II Matte Papers - Problems - Mirky/Washed Out

A quick update.

First, I spent a lot of time with Canon technical support. We reloaded drivers, used their photo print pro plugin and went through all the settings and tried printing with the printer managing the colors. No better results.

I will add that they asked me to send them scans to evaluate and wait 24 hours and when I called back (they didn't followup) no one had bothered to look at the scans. It is pretty much the opposite of something like an Apple service experience.

At this point I am going to drive the printer down to a Canon Authorized Service Center and see where that takes me.

Oh, Puppetz, I did contact Jose and he was so incredibly kind and so much wanted to help but all he could basically offer me was making sure I hadn't double profiled either on the profiling or on the printing end. But he was extremely kind and wanting to help - thank you.

I'll keep you updated.


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