Interchangeability of quick-release plates?

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Re: Arca Swiss

cosmicnode wrote:

There is an adaptor included, which reduces the 3/8 thread in the adopter to 1/4 thread.

Thanks for clarifying that.

The 85mm lens plate is to mount onto the tripod mount of a lens, you can obtain different length adaptors to suit the length of the tripod mount on different focal length lenses.

That suggests the wedge sides of the plate, and slot, are aligned along the optical axis, like the Velbon plate and unlike the plate and slot on my Giotto’s MH642 plate. In that case, the slot would not be a nuisance.

But looking at my pan-and-tilt heads, the only way I could fit Arca Swiss Fit Quick Release Adapter / Clamps onto them would be to mount the adapters on my existing heads’ own quick-release plates, which seems a rather messy solution. With hindsight, it might have been better if I had bought an Arca-Swiss compatible pan-and-tilt head instead of the Giotto’s. But now that I have the Giotto’s, I think the only practical improvement would come if I can find a quick-release plate that will fit in the Giotto’s clamp, but has a round hole rather than a slot.

Thanks, Chris

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