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Re: Phottix Odin

Hi, Yes, with the Odins in the mix the modeling light is very similar to how it is with either an on-cam Ex speedlite or via Ir type Canon Wireless.

It is quasi-continuous but there is a very noticeable flicker to it - and a slight buzzing sound too. Typically it stays on for just over a second so you have to be alert to perceive shadows/shape etc. Canon warn against over-use. It's useful, but no-one is pretending that it replaces a studio strobe!

The modeling function certainly works with both 580ExIIs and 550Exs - can't give certainty for 4xxExs - but if 4xxExs offer it normally, then that is probably preserved with Odins in the mix.

A single burst is also long enough to acquire focus. It's not ideal but it can be used in an Odin network for focus in total darkness - but it takes practice & you have to be pretty slick.
Cheers, Donald

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