Full frame NEX-9 should be 36 MP.

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Re: D800 is just a FF NEX-5N...

uuronl wrote:

The pixel pitch is nearly identical, and the D800 crop mode is approximately the same as shooting a NEX-5N megapixel-wise.

This begs the question, "why not take your 4Mpxl crop out of the center of the NEX-5N sensor?" It's the same thing, you'd just be throwing away less border than with Full Frame.

It will be interesting to see the direction Sony takes its imagers. It clearly can produce 36Mpxl all day long in FF. It clearly can do 24 for APS-C all day. Scaling the latter to FF is somewhat more interesting since it would be 56Mpxl.

Yes, they could scale it up, just as micro 4/3 could scale up there sensor, but then you would have a APS-C sized sensor.

The idea of NEX was to make as small as possible APS-C sensor camera.

If Sony wants to make a FF NEX, than that is another line of cameras all together and new lenses to boot. With Sony trying to fill orders with NEX lenses and cameras, I don't see a new line of NEX FF cameras coming soon, if at all.


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