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eilivk wrote:

Have been looking for comparison with my Canon SX20, but only find HS10 on dpr. I suppose my EVF is at least as good as in HS20? But not good enough.. Using EVF 95% of the time, interested in HS 30. Suppose the image quality is better and also raw files and video and not much heavier. Any "lens creep"? Other major drawbacks?

HS20 EVF is bad, bad, bad, and worse. I would say it is not good enough even for framing, let alone manual focusing, which the 30 EVF is good enough for.

I had a Canon S1 but did not upgrade on the Canon path, but I remember that cam as quite good for its time. Thinking back, it probably had a better EVF than the HS10/20. HS30 is a totally different ball game though. I am quite sure that you will not find a comparable EVF on any of its competitors.

Run to get the HS30 if EVF is really important to you.

Lens creep, if there is any, is not significant. The lens is probably not heavy enough to cause much creep.

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