Canon S100 can go wider than 24mm !

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Re: Fishy lenses and Unsupported converters

Are you saying that the actual lens isn't 24mm at the wide end?

no, what I'm saying is that you get a wider than 24mm Field Of View

In the same way that you get far wider FOV from a de-fished 16mm SLR Fisheye lens than you do from a rectilinear 16mm lens . to get the same "width" from a rectilinear lens you'd need a 10mm or so .. the Fisheye is still 16mm (the size of a target in the centre of the frame is the same from both a 16mm Rect and 16mm Fish) but the Fish gives a wider field of view .....

likewise, the target in the centre of the frame of the S90 will be the same as it is with the G12 as they're both the same focal length BUT the S90 will give a 25/26mm Field of View when converted in an uncorrecting conveterter because it's basically a semi-fisheye to the G12's totally rectilinear optic

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