Is Nikon more dedicated to people on a budget than Canon?

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Re: Is Nikon more dedicated to people on a budget than Canon?

DoctorPDA wrote:

I've heard that when considering buying a new DSLR, you should shop for the "glass" first, since that is more important than the camera.

After an immense amount of research, I'm thinking of buying the Nikon D5100 as my first DSLR, mainly because I've heard so many good things about the Nikkor 35 mm f/1.8 lens (200 USD), which I would get for my main walk around lens. Nikon seems to have come out with newer lenses like this one, that fit DX format, and are in my price range (ex. 100-500 USD). Will they keep doing this????

I've looked at Canon's web site and they are coming out with new lenses but they are expensive as heck. Will they do the same as Nikon and come out with EF-S 35 mm prime lens that is cheap? I was considering the Canon T2i or T3i, but favoring the Nikon because of this point.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

I don't think either has lens "more dedicated to budget", I shoot with Canon and use both "budget" and more expensive lens

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