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Re: Quick K-5 system intro.

Raist3d wrote:

DA * - new "premier" lenses for digital with the quiet motors. Here's where you get probably the most commonality with Olympus:

  • The "Olympus typical range" - all of these are weather sealed

DA* 50-135mm - Olympus 35-100 SHG
DA * 16-50mm - Olympus 14-35 SHG
DA * 55 mm F1.4 - Olympus F2 50mm
DA * 200mm F2.8 - Olympus 150mm F2.0

In general I would put the DA* above the Olympus HG in general but below the SHG and they seem priced accordingly. The DA * 55mm as I have found seems like a little special gem just like the F2 50mm Olympus is and I may very well buy one.

My current lenses are DA21mm Limited, DA 70mm limited and DA * 50-135mm. Pentax has a wider variety of primes and very compact lens choices. the DA * zooms are pretty decent- don't let someone here make you believe they aren't- they are good lenses too.

To preface my comment I do like Pentax gear, I'm quite fond or the marque actually having owned fair selection of the range a couple of years back.

So with regard to the optics I'm really not sure how the 16-50 ended up be ranked along side the 14-35, in my experience that lens doesn't hold a candle to either the 12-60 or 14-54. Build is nice (but no better than Oly HG) but optical quality is average unless you hit the aperture sweet spot.

In all honesty I found the 16-50 frustrating lens to use having previously come from the 12-60, you have stop down significantly to sharpen up the whole frame, it's also bigger and bulkier and relatively slow to focus. Motors are fragile (unless they have now sorted the problem). So an OK lens but if you used to Oly HG you will feel a little deflated at best with this one.

The 60-250 is better, closer to the 50-200 but again falls slightly short in my opinion. I had two copies the first was diabolically soft, the second was much better. Still lethargic in focus speed compared to a 50-200 and more bulky but never the less a nice lens if you get a good copy. I would still worry about the motor fragility though.

I can't comment on the K-5 as I've never owned one but I can say I was rather smitten with the K-7 body even with it's 'no step up sensor performance' relative to the earlier K20D.

I'm sure the K-5 is a wonderful camera, but in my experience the Pentax 'quality' zooms don't quite hit the spot. However if you're a prime person I would say Pentax is your system.

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