Well, I'll be damned ... 2nd place in a Challenge

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Re: Congrats - with a big BUT ...

nick_webster wrote:

Well done for your shot, I know from my own limited experience how much practise it takes to get sharp bikes at those sort of shutter speeds, particularly for the sorts of speeds the top guys do.

But I must say it is rather disappointing to see that you don't bother to vote in the challenges. It was that sort of behaviour that led me to stop bothering with the challenges on here - I just think it's very selfish to epxect others to vote when you can't be bothered to make the effort yourself. The way you then thank others for voting just adds a large dose of irony into the mix,


You make a good point, but I've always felt a bit creepy about voting in Challenges unless I am able to take the time to study each entry carefully. Those few times I have voted, it's only after taking two or three hours to decide. I'm never comfortable judging the work of others.

BTW: I never vote for myself. or ask others to.

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