OM-D seriously nice.....Pentax retro?

Started Apr 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Yamin Tedja Contributing Member • Posts: 542
Re: OM-D seriously nice.....Pentax retro?

robbo d wrote:

Ok, the OM-D is a seriously nice piece of kit......I mean seriosuly, and the IQ from the smaller sensor leaves me thinking ......who cares about sensor size, the Pentax Q puts out decent stuff too !!!

Just musing here at home on a nice holiday weekend morning...........I believe the the K-01 will attract its own following and the new Kr and K5 replacements will go well, but Pentax's version of a retro Full frame MZ-D or similiar ( all black) with white lettering and numbering will look pretty damn sweet.

Anyone out there can whip us up a computerised version of what it would look like ?

Than submit it to Pentax marketing department........

I want a digital version of ME super . MZD is not really retro, not old enough.

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