Pentax Price Increases - Consider this

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Re: Pentax Price Increases - Consider this

My feeling is the consumer always wins. I have a Nikon system of lenses and two older bodies and I bought into Pentax with a K-r last summer and then purchased several lenses, including one Limited. My intention then was to convert to Pentax, but I kept my Nikon gear. Now say I get $1000-$1500. Am I likely to buy a K-5 or a D7000? It might seem at first glance that the K-5, an excellent camera, would be the way to go. And maybe I would have once made that choice. But with Pentax's decision on lens pricing, their crappy quality control, their lesser warranties, when my Pentax body wears out, I will sell my Pentax lenses and go back to Nikon and buy a D7000 or its equivalent. The lenses I bought from Nikon are not their top-notch expensive stuff and yet they are surprisingly good. I never had a moment's worry over QC. So, no, sorry. Nikon wins. In fact, Canon also wins. Secondarily it may be a gain for Sony and even Oly.

If it is worth it to you to stay with Pentax, I wish you well, but I bought assuming lenses would be a good bargain. That was my attraction to Pentax. If they want my business, they need to make buying from them attractive. They do have competition.

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