DR test D800 vs D5III

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Re: please for once and all it has nothing to do with getting exposure wrong!

it doesn't have to look flat, it depends on the image and how you tone things

Randplaty wrote:

My point is to say that it's wrong to make DR a technical discussion. It's much more than that. You need to look at the quality of the light and what that does to the photo much more than the number of stops you can get with clean noise. A lot of people have mentioned that it looks flat if you lift the shadows too much "flat CGI look". Does that mean they're "non-technical?"

I didn't call anyone a Nikon troll.

Flashlight wrote:

I looked at your few wedding shots which were typically people taken with a wide angle from close up with the sun shining right into the lens. Whatever makes you tick, but then why dive into a technical discussion and lifting your anti-technical style to the overall benchmark. proclaiming everyone that doesn't agree with your vision a Nikon troll?

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