Let's face it, x-Pro has the worst AF of all CSC

Started Apr 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Let's face it, x-Pro has the worst AF of all CSC

I'm sure we will see firmware updates, with incremental changes in AF, but I don't expect anything that's going to make a big difference in shooting kids or other fast moving subjects. Fuji knows they're AF isn't the best. They've been getting beat up in the forums and in reviews for the AF on the X100 for a year now, so they knew they had to up their game with X-Pro1. First impressions are it's faster than the X100, but still not very fast. Seems that's the best they can do for now. For whatever reason(s), their AF system just isn't very fast, and doesn't seem they're willing or able to make it class leading.

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