Solutions to Nex 7 high iso noise

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Re: Repost of Noise question, as other didn't go through

first I would say - stop shooting JPEG, the in camera noise reduction applied to JPEG files is not even close to the best - shoot raw and then use Topaz Denoise or some other program to clean up your files. A good noise program and the power of your computer will do a much better job than the processor in your camera.

according to dxomark comparison of sensors the NEX-7 gets a high ISO score of 1016, your Canon 40D only gets a score of 703 - the RAW data out of the NEX is better and as such should be able to produce higher quality high ISO images - - unfortunately you are not looking at what the cameras are fully capable of - you are only looking at what the in camera processors can do and you are not looking at this at equal sizes

Kdoc wrote:

Well, I've learned a lot from all of you in this thread, and I thank you. I'm not here to "Win" an argument or prove my point, but only to discuss and try to understand the nuances of this camera.

Most important to me has been the fact that many of you seem to downsize to 16 MB!! I wasn't previously doing that. Do you do it only for high ISO or for everything? Which interpolation technique do you use.

To explain a little more why I asked the question: I personally haven't seen this much high ISO noise with my Canon 40D, and so was surprised. And I'm not talking only about "grain" but also about image deterioration at ISO 1600 and 3200 (I had hoped this new processor and sensor would handle those).

Also, I wasn't comparing with the 5--I'm not interested in a 7 vs. 5 comparison, but only in getting the Nex 7 images looking good.

As for the comment about the Title--I find your characterization unwarranted. My post asked whether any of you had good solutions for the high ISO noise--I was bothered by that and looking for help.

Anyway, many thanks for the help


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