Pentax Price Increases - Consider this

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Pentax Price Increases - Consider this

For years US consumers have been able to purchase goods on average at least half the price of most other consumers around the globe. In other words, although they might not have thought so, US buyers had it good. Why do you think so many overseas forum members ordered camera gear from the US?

Pentax lens prices here in Australia were double US prices.

And when our dollar was around 60 US cents some prices were almost triple over here. That takes into account exchange rates etc.

When I purchased my DA*16-50 it cost me $1499.00 AUD while it could be purchased in the US for $799.00. I chose to buy it here because of the SDM issues. In the light I have had two failures thus far I probably made to right choice.

However I saved $2500.00 by purchasing my 3 FA Limiteds from B&H in the US

In many cases Eurozone prices are even higher again

The fact the US dollar was the worlds reserve currency has given the US a global pricing advantage over the rest of the world. However that has been coming to an end.

Just compare the exchange rate of the Australian dollar to the US dollar over the past few years.

The Australian dollar is now around $1.06 US and it reached nearly $1.10 US a couple of months back.

Several years ago it was around 50 to 60 US cents and even briefly dropped below 50 US cents. Yes our dollar has since strengthened but the US dollar has also weakened.

With the poor state of the US economy and the Feds policy of quantitative easing (money printing) or as some economists call it, 'counterfeiting', the US dollar no longer has either the strength or appeal it once had.

Basically the party is over for consumers in the US. They are soon going to be paying similar prices for everything from consumer goods to food to gas and energy as most of the rest of the world has been paying for years.

Ricoh has the bean counters out doing number crunching and the doubling of DA* zoom prices simply puts them on par with everybody else. Looking at the rest of the prices I'd say there all pretty close to what we have been paying here for years.

Looks like the party is over. You better get used to it!

Here's a large Australian camera dealers's Pentax Lens Prices...

And check this out. A FA31 Limited for $1699 AUD that's around $1750 USD!!

How would you like to pay these prices??!!

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