which SD card for 60D

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Re: which SD card for 60D

that really helps with a lot of questions I had, I'm going to buy class 6 cards now, thank you man

pcb62 wrote:

If it works in your 550D and you don't shoot video, then you should be ok. If down the road you decide to shoot HD video, then you may have issues.

SDHC cards have been hit and miss, when it comes to HD video in my 60D and my daughters 550D. I usually buy Transcend and AData cards and don't spring for the more expensive cards, so that could be part of the problem. We've gotten the best results from class 6 cards, 16GB or smaller. We've had very poor success with class 10 cards and 32GB cards.

I've bench-marked my class 10 cards and they read and write significantly faster than my class 6 cards, but the class 10 cards have been virtually unusable for HD video. When shooting HD video with class 10 cards, the buffer fills up within 5 seconds and the recording stops.

I don't have an explanation as to why the class 6 cards perform better, but I do have about 20 sdhc cards that are either class 6 or class 10 and my experience has been pretty consistent to the point that I no longer buy class 10 cards for these cameras.

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