automate: Excel "cell" text --> CS1 file caption field ?

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Jeff Greenberg
Jeff Greenberg Contributing Member • Posts: 820
automate: Excel "cell" text --> CS1 file caption field ?

Am stock shooter.
I manually type basic keywords into CS1 file description field.
(OK with all my agencies)
Afterwards I do auto-action: description fields --> Excel cells
I get column of Excel cells, each with one image's keywording.
In Excel I add more detailed keywording via batch actions.
I send Excel doc. to some agents who know how to "merge" Excel with images.
(not back into file info field, but in other ways)
Is it possible to automate: Excel cell text --> CS1 file description field?
(replacing my basic keywords with my detailed keywording)
Have been told "maybe with script".
I don't know scripts -- is there such a script floating around Internet?
I work with CS1, Excel, Word, DPP, a few other programs.
regards jg

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