Help me decide - Mongolia, Morocco, Argentina or ?????

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Re: Help me decide - Mongolia, Morocco, Argentina or ?????

First of all I'm very sorry for your loss.

Being very familiar with Mongolia, I can offer the following info:

1. Inner Mongolia is not the same as Mongolia. Inner Mongolia is historically part of the Mongol nation but currently under Chinese occupation. So make sure you go to Mongolia instead of Inner Mongolia.

2. July is the best time to go there in terms of weather. There is also this Naadam festival on/around July 11th every year which features the traditioanl "3 games of man" - horse racing (don't be confused with horse racing in the west though), wrestling and archery. This tradition began from the time of Genghis Khan and still going strong.

3. You must go "down" to the country side if you decide to go to Mongolia. Hire a truck with a driver, which should not cost a lot. Or go with tour group if you are OK with that. Try to time it so that the country side excursion will not happen on July 11 week or you will probably have hard time finding a car

4. Don't expect to see much architecture in Mongolia. But a lot of nature and wide empty space and a lof of animals, both wild and domestic.

5. It is a huge country featuring anything from Gobi to the south to lakes and forests to the north and tall mountains to the west.

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