60D video recording stops, what to do??????? please help

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Re: 60D video recording stops, what to do??????? please help

no, the size is not the problem, it happens just lke after 15 seconds of recording, but then after I restart recording sometimes it works fine but sometimes it stops again , and like I said before - Michael Andrews in his tutorial did something to fix that but never explained what that was, I guess I'll have to try to reach him for the help...

Lemming51 wrote:

The video file size is limited to 4 gb. It runs into that limit pretty quickly at the 1920x1080 and 1280x720 settings - 12 min. max. per the 60D instruction manual (p. 181). Longer clips can be recorded at the lower resolution settings.

alfedo11 wrote:

Hey guys,

maybe someone can help me here. I'm using Transcend 32gb SDHC 10 card with my 60D, and many times when I do video recording it looks like buffer overrun happens and recording stops. I've watched Michael Andrews "Canon 60D Crash Course" tutorial and while showing video recording he had the same problem, which he easily fixed by saying "Oh, let me do this" but NEVER showed what he actually did - what a great f..ng tutorial :(((( !!!! So, I hope someone on this forum will generously guide me how to fix this litlle problem, what settings should i change to shoot video?
thank you in advance!

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