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Re: Polarizer IS essential even for UWA

sweetsonic wrote:

Very nice image and helpful responses overall. I've read so many reviews and posts about Nikon and third party UWA's; seriously I think it's probably the hardest part of the focal length spectrum to make a decision on. I'm leaning towards the 16-35 for the price, resell value of Nikkor lenses and ability to use 77mm filters easily. I already have a B+W polarizer for my 24-70 and it makes sense to try and use them interchangeably. Unless someone tells me that a 24 x 36 print from a 16-35 will look noticeably worse than one taken with a 14-24, I don't see why I should spend the extra $750 and sacrifice easy filter use. Make sense to anyone?

The Tokina is tempting in its own way (maybe I'll rent it sometime to compare)...but still has the filter problem and probably doesn't have the resell value that Nikkor lenses have should I upgrade to a 14-24 when I win the lottery

That totally depends where and when you take the images.

If you going to be on a tripod, stopped down to f8, waiting for the right light, it will barely make a difference. No reason not to get the 16-35/4

If you're in tight quarter, shooting people in a crowded room, you'll appreciate the 2.8 more for the faster aperture and sharpness wide open

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