5D3 vs D800 Video High Iso and Native Iso

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I agree with you. If I had said it in Nikon Forum

Rick Knepper wrote:

Regardless of how this works, what this should tell folks who are still trying to compare these cameras in inappropriate ways is that it is clear the D800 is not meant to be a "high ISO" type camera.

I agree with you. If I had said it in Nikon Forum I may have been stoned to death.



rondhamalam wrote:

Does the 5D3 better in High Iso video confirm the logic that it is related to the high Native Iso range on 5D3. As we all know that the Native iso (Base Iso) on 5D3 is up to iso 25,600 while the native iso on D800 is up to iso 6400.

How does it work?
And how could Canon have such a high Native Iso?
Is it on the sensor signal gain (sensitivity)?
How about noise? Does noise increase with the increasing sensor sensitivity?


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