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Guidenet wrote:

Kits help new people get a camera and lens combo so they can jump right in. The kit lens is often an inexpensive mass produced lens with a less than stellar build quality. You find kit lenses on the type cameras where the buyer might be purchasing his/her first camera and might not know what lens to get with it to start out.

However, the D800/e is not designed or marketed to this first time SLR buyer. Adding a kit lens might indeed get in the way of a purchase by most people. As others have pointed out, there is also no reason to add a rebate or bonus to buy a lens with the camera either. I'm sure there might be a very few people with no experience purchasing a D800/e, but Nikon probably feels it's not enough to warrant the packaging and possibly lost sales by using up bodies for this package.

If you need help adding a lens to a new D800/e, I'm sure many here can help you. I'd probably suggest the rather new 24-120 f/4 AFS VR might be a good lens to start with. If you have Canon experience, you can probably pick one yourself. Just don't look for the rebate or discount yet.

Yes. I totally agreed with you. For those camera with kit lens are ranging from beginners to Intermediate photographer who don't really quite known what are their shooting style and also the fundamental of photography. That is why camera with kit such as D3100, D5100, D90 comes with a preset mode which allow beginners to have a play of it for a quick shot if they really don't get a satisfactory result in PASM mode. D800(E) are consider a professional level or experience photographer who have know what are their shooting style and usually they had aready own a few lenses (I believe it is). Additionally, the body itself do not have any preset mode and I do believe no one will jump into this body without knowing any photography fundamental and start shooting. So Nikon designed such body is mainly know whats beginner and experience/professional photopgrapher needs and wants. If just to add in a kit lens with D800(e), I don't think much people will buy it unless it comes with a 24-70mm as a kit but that will cost you a bomb. If a good start for normal shots, 24-70mm, 24-120mm are recommendable if your spending power permits.

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