1DX sensor v 5DIII sensor?

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If you can beleive what some on this forum say (and seem to know) Canon has two sensor lines with the newer having the ability for finer fabrication which results in benefits on certain parameters of IQ. They have to keep both in production so which camera do you think will get sensors from the newer, better fab line?

Also, because (right or wrong) maybe Canon perceived the 5D3 sensor to be "good enough" while wanting to use IQ to differentiate the two cameras to further justify the higher price of the 1DX. It's not the way Nikon does it but that doesn't mean Canon operates in the same manner. Even though the sensors in the 5D2 and 1Ds3 were virtually the same they had very different low ISO shadow performance due to lower grade circuitry in the 5D2.

Canon is saying the 1DX will have one stop better noise performance over the 5D3 but that remains to be seen. Even a half stop at high ISO along with improved low ISO shadow performance would be significant.


carlk wrote:

I just can't think of a reason why Canon put an inferior sensor in the camera they just released when they have the technology to make one that is much better. Not a single viable reason.

PaulWa wrote:

I've seen some very impressive high ISO shots from the 1D X.

Shots taken at ISO 4000 on a 1D X look like images taken at ISO 400 on the 1D mkIV. These were jpg images, viewed at 100% from a pre-production demo body.

Stunning quality.

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