Judicial Activism Of The USA Supreme Court, Under Chief Justice John Roberts

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Re: ".. Liberals live in an isolated bubble .."

You quote that well. I live in a very conservative area and all are doing a lot better than a few miles away in liberal land. Our kids do far better in school and our city runs far better on 1/3 the money per person.

I also find that most liberals have no clue how to look at facts and statistics. They just make emotional knee jerk reactions to it with no understanding. Liberals are so insulated from what really goes on. They fail to realize that federal department budgets have built in increases. So, no increase is actually about 10%. A slight cut gets treated as a disaster when it really is an increase. The Constitution means nothing. Our actual history means nothing because i would take work. They would rather hear some recently created fiction.

Liberal talk radio is pathetic. It should come with an explicit language sticker for one. They tend to say out of touch things like "All Republicans are billionaires," "If the US became a Christian nation, we would become like Afghanistan," "The return of the 90% tax bracket would be a wonderful thing." These people are out of touch with reality and do not realize how things get done or paid for.
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