5DIII good news leaking out...

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Re: 5DIII good news leaking out...

Stone13 wrote:

The 5DIII shows that Canon was listening to it's current users. All the things that were upgraded from the 5DII were things real photogs were complaining about from the build quality to the AF performance. Other than the banding, I don't recall too many ppl complaining about the IQ from the 5DII.

It's either they finally "listened" to their customers or the competition woke them up, but at the end of the day, the updates are all good. As a 5D2, D3, 1Ds2, 1D2 and the yet to arrive D800E owner, the specific things you mentioned is exactly what makes my 5D2 my least used camera except for my long hiking trips due to the small size and light weight compare to my other pro bodies, if the 5D2 has the 1D like AF system and faster responsiveness and and free of low ISO banding, it could easily be one my favorite camera body. so they did addressed all the issues I have with the MK II on the new one, except for the price, and for USD $3500, I might as well stretch it a little further and get myself a 1DX or D4 instead to replace both of my aging 1Ds2 and D3 all together. in my opinion the "value" advantage of the 5D3 is no longer as obvious as the Mk2, I mean the price delta is much greater between the 1DS MK III Vs. 5D2 than the 1DX vs. 5D3.

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