D7000 still worth it now ... ?

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Re: D7000 still worth it now ... ?

kristoffel wrote:


Just a question, I'm about to get a new DSLR.

I prefer the D7000, which has dropped a bit in price (1 149 euro with 18-105 lens, 989 body only but 160 euro for that lens doesn't seem bad)

My main question now is, is it still worth getting the D7000 with the (soon to come?) D3200 and most likely shortly after a D7000 upgrade.
If the D3200 will have a 24mp sony nex sensor it might be better then a D7000.

What do you think about it ?

If you compare the shots taken with the NEX-5 to those taken with the NEX-7 (the sensors that the sensors of the D7000 and upcoming D3200/D7000 replacement/possibly D400 are based on, perhaps nearly identical to) as luminous-landscape.com did a couple of months back

you will note as they did that pictures taken with the higher resolution sensor were essentially indistinguishable from those taken with the lower resolution sensor when viewed at the same final size. Therefore, the likelihood that the D3200 images will be "better" than the D7000's in any respect other than resolution at huge viewing sizes is extremely low. If you like the D7000 based on its handling, size, build, and features, you will quickly tire of the D3200 as you would the D3100. One can take excellent pictures with ANY of these cameras, but the D3100/D3200 is designed to be simple whereas the D7000 is designed to be directly controllable yet still reasonably compact as compared to a D300 or pro Nikon body.
If you really want a 24MP sensor right now, find and buy an NEX-7.

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