How did I do, guys? re: Canon FD lenses

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Re: How did I do, guys? re: Canon FD lenses

Thanks, guys!

sasoph wrote:

^ Gimp's fix-ca filter is nifty ;). It can deal with both lateral and directional CA.

tesilab wrote:

You can't fix fringing with filters. There are other ways to deal with it/minimize it.

Fringes are caused by the following phenomena:

Lateral CA: this is a lens issue, some have it worse than others, usually worse wide open and towards the edges of the frame. Sony's jpeg engine can correct this for you with Sony lenses. You can correct it with software pretty easily, e.g. Lightroom.

Longitudinal CA (aka LoCa) this is a phenomenon that causes green fringes beyond the plane of focus, and magenta fringes in front of the plane of focus. Same thing with lenses, some worse than others, more common wide open. Exacerbated by strong backlight. No automatic software fix for this, not as trivial as lateral CA.

Sensor blooming: these are strong purple fringes caused by sensor overload. This is a digital phenomenon (film responds more gracefully). Shooting very contrasty scenes against bright skies, or with the sun in front of you will cause this.

I understand DxO provides the best correction of color fringes, but you are best off avoiding shooting in the worst kinds of light, and at the most problematic angles.

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