friend picked up D800 without pre-order at Dixon's heathrow!

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Re: friend picked up D800 without pre-order at Dixon's heathrow!

adamlambert wrote:

John Walshe has mail...

He is out of office for Easter.

If only they fessed up and said we are (for example) 10% through back orders and expect to be current by June. It wouldn't be great but at least we could get an idea of where we sit in the chain and how likely a new camera is this side of Christmas.

If there are technical issues then surely they'd be better being upfront with it than trying to do a silent recall?

Nikon UK's (Nikon worldwide) PR is hopeless. Do they have a PR department or do they just leave it up to chance? Surely they planned the launch? Surely they had some pricing strategy worked out before the launch? Surely they didn't just announce it and then wonder how they'd distribute it?

This is the first time I have experienced first hand the frustration of waiting for Nikon in a total information vacuum. It baffles me that Nikon are still in business if this is how they launch products.

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